Federal and state laws prohibit public or private entities from violating your constitutional rights or from otherwise discriminating against you.

Immigration laws and processes can often be confusing and time consuming.  ALC represents clients on a number of different immigration issues.

Issues at work can negatively affect your opportunities – both within the company you are working for and in your search for employment.  ALC may be able to help you assert your rights at work.

ALC provides consulting services in several areas of international law.  Our services include training, technical assistance, analysis and reporting.

ALC works with your organization or business to identify and pursue grant opportunities that support your work or mission.  

Raising your entity’s profile is essential towards expanding its opportunities.  ALC works with your organization or business to create relationships with local, state or federal government.  

ALC houses public relations experts that specially tailor public relations campaigns to your needs, maximizing your reach and helping your organization or business reach its potential.

ALC has helped organizations increase their cost-effectiveness, while maximizing impact.  

ALC provides independent Monitoring & Evaluation services for entities that need to comply with reporting and M&E requirements to granting agencies.